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Ashuelot River Campground

Landmark Big Oak tree at Ashuelot River Campground

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2017 Rates
Rates are for 2 adults and up to 4 children per site.
Our season is from May 1st through October 31st.
Minimum stays apply for holiday dates.*

Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards accepted!

Please call us at (603) 357-5777, or toll-free at 1-888-355-2267, with your questions as you review the information below. If you miss us by phone, leave a message! We will return your call promptly and answer all your questions. To request a reservation now, click here, then complete and submit the form.
* Holiday minimum stays: Memorial Day and Labor Day weekends – three night minimums for all sites. Fourth of July and Columbus Day weekends – two-night minimum for all sites.

Seasonal Campers at Ashuelot River Campground Campers of all sizes accommodated at Ashuelot River Campground Tenters at Ashuelot River Campground Family Gathering at Ashuelot River Campground

Our check-in time is 2:00 PM, and our check-out time is NOON.

Water, Electric & Sewer (30 or 50 amp) & RIVERFRONT Water & Electric (30 amp only)

Daily Weekly (7 nights) Monthly (30 nights)
$45.00 $270.00 $1,035.00

Water & Electric Sites (30 or 50 amp)
“honey wagon” pumping service at $10 per visit

Daily Weekly (7 nights) Monthly (30 nights)
$40.00 $240.00 $920.00

RIVERFRONT or WOODED Sites for Tent, Pop-Up or RV (water only)

Daily Weekly (7 nights) Monthly (30 nights)
$35.00 $210.00 N/A *

* 7 night maximum stay.

Rustic Camp Cabins

Maple Cabin Exterior at Ashuelot River Campground

Maple Cabin Exterior
Maple Cabin Interior at Ashuelot River Campground

Maple Cabin Interior
Pine Cabin Exterior at Ashuelot River Campground

Pine Cabin Exterior
Chateau Hemlock Interior at Ashuelot River Campground

Hemlock Cabin Interior
Chateau Hemlock Exterior at Ashuelot River Campground

Hemlock Cabin Exterior
Chateau Hemlock Interior at Ashuelot River Campground

Hemlock Cabin Interior
Cabin, sleep configuration Daily Weekly (7 nights)
Maple (4)
1 double bed & 1 bunk
$65.00 $390.00
Hemlock (4)
2 bunk beds
$65.00 $390.00
Pine (2)
1 double bed
$60.00 $360.00

There is water to the cabins, but no electricity and no plumbing. Campers bring their own mattresses or sleeping pads. Cabins are located close to the bath house and each unit has parking, a fire ring, picnic table and private space to gather. 10-night maximum for all cabins. Smoking is not permitted in the cabins. Cabins are subject to a 9% New Hampshire lodging tax.

2017 Seasonal Sites

Seasonal sites include water and sewer, with metered electric, from May 1 through October 31.


Accessible RV Sites

Accessible RV Site at Ashuelot River Campground

Site 52
Accessible RV Site at Ashuelot River Campground

Site 7

One of our goals is universal accessibility. The accessible RV sites will be held open until all other sites have been occupied. Please call at least one week in advance and at least two weeks ahead for holidays and summer weekends.

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out

Early check-in must be arranged in advance: 11:00 AM to 2:00 PM - $10.00
Late departure, when available: Noon to 3:00 PM - $10.00; Noon to 7:00 PM - $15.00

Overnight Guests

Additional guests on each site are welcome at an additional charge per night of
$10.00 per adult / $5.00 per child (under 18)


WiFi and coffee/tea service are available at all times at the office.
Ice, Firewood, Candy and Basic Supplies are available in our store.
Washers and Dryers are located in the Game Room.

Reservation Request

Please complete the form below and click “send” to make your request. An asterisk (*) indicates a required field. We will call you promptly and take credit card information to guarantee your reservation. We’ll use Primary Phone, Secondary Phone and E-mail, in that order, to contact you. If you need to confirm your reservation immediately, please call.

Payments and Cancellations

For all non-holiday reservations we require a 50% deposit, balance due upon arrival. Holiday weekend reservations require full payment at the time of confirmation. Cancellations made 14 days or more before arrival: full refund for all reservations. For cancellations made fewer than 14 days before arrival there is no refund of deposit.

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I have read the Guidelines and Policies
and understand that failure to abide by the expectations of the campground
may result in cancellation of stay without refund.
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Ashuelot River Campground
152 Pine Street
Swanzey, NH 03446
Phone & Fax: (603) 357-5777
Toll-Free: 1 888 355-CAMP (2267)

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