Campsites & Cabin Rentals

2024 Rates

Rates are for 2 adults and up to 4 children per site.

Minimum stays apply for holiday dates.*
Visa, MasterCard and Discover Cards accepted!

Gas Saver Weekends!
Visit back-to-back without towing.

From the beginning of our season through Fourth of July, and Labor Day through the end of our season, stay two nights each on back-to-back weekends for regular price and leave the trailer here, unoccupied, during the week for $35.00. Two weekends maximum. Select sites only.
Please call us at (603) 357-5777, or toll-free at 1-888-355-2267, with your questions as you review the information below. If you miss us by phone, leave a message! We will return your call promptly and answer all your questions. To request a reservation now, click here, then complete and submit the form.

* Weekend minimums: We have a two-night minimum for all weekend reservations.
* Holiday minimum stays: Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, and Columbus Day weekends – three night minimums for all sites.
* One-night reservations: Sunday through Thursday, require full payment in advance and are non-refundable.

Our check-in time is 2:00 PM, and our check-out time is 12:00 NOON.


Water, Electric & Sewer (30 or 50 amp) & Riverfront Water & Electric (30 amp only)

Daily • $54.00 Weekly (7 nights) • $324.00 Monthly (28 nights) • $1,134.00

Riverfront Water, Electric & Sewer (see map)
Premier Riverfront Water & Electric (sites 26, 27, 28 and 29 – 30 amp)
Pull-Thru Sites (see map)

Daily • $59.00 Weekly (7 nights) • $354.00 Monthly (28 nights) • $1,239.00

Wooded Water & Electric Sites (50 amp, sites 56-68)
“honey wagon” pumping service at $20 per visit

Daily • $49.00 Weekly (7 nights) • $294.00 Monthly (28 nights) • $1,029.00
7 night maximum stay for tents.

Rustic Camping Cabins

Maple Cabin Exterior at Ashuelot River Campground
Maple Cabin Exterior
Maple Cabin Interior at Ashuelot River Campground
Maple Cabin Interior
Pine Cabin Exterior at Ashuelot River Campground
Pine Cabin Exterior
Chateau Hemlock Exterior at Ashuelot River Campground
Hemlock Cabin Exterior
Chateau Hemlock Interior at Ashuelot River Campground
Hemlock Cabin Interior
Chateau Hemlock Interior at Ashuelot River Campground
Hemlock Cabin Interior
Maple (Sleeps 4), 1 double bed & 1 bunk
$72.00 Daily • $432.00 Weekly (7 nights)
Hemlock (Sleeps 4), 2 bunk beds
$72.00 Daily • $432.00 Weekly (7 nights)
Pine (Sleeps 2), 1 double bed
$67.00 Daily • $402.00 Weekly (7 nights)

There is water to the cabins, but no electricity and no plumbing. Campers bring their own mattresses or sleeping pads. Cabins are located close to the bath house and each unit has parking, a fire ring, picnic table and private space to gather. Smoking is not permitted in the cabins and pets are not allowed. 7-night maximum for all cabins. Cabins are subject to an 8.5% New Hampshire lodging tax.

2024 Seasonal Sites

Seasonal sites include water and sewer, with metered electric, from May 1 through October 15.
Note: There are no remaining seasonal sites available for 2024.

Accessible RV Sites

One of our goals is universal accessibility. The accessible RV sites will be held open until all other sites have been occupied. Please call at least one week in advance and at least two weeks ahead for holidays and summer weekends.

Early Check-In / Late Check-Out
Early check-in must be arranged in advance: 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM - $10.00
Late departure, when available: Noon to 5:00 PM - $10.00

Overnight Guests
Additional guests on each site are welcome at an additional charge per night of
$10.00 per adult / $5.00 per child (under 18)

Day Visitors
All visitors must check in on arrival and plan to depart by 9:00 PM. The day-use fee is $5.00 per adult for visits two hours or more. No charge for children under 18. Visitors need to leave their pets at home.

WiFi and coffee service are available at all times at the office.
Ice, Firewood, Candy and Basic Supplies are available in our store.
Washers and Dryers are located in the Game Room.<


Canoe, Kayak & Bike Rental Rates

Canoe Rental Rates

Canoes include life preservers and paddles for 2 people.
Full Day (up to 9 hours):
Registered Campers $35.00 | Day Visitors $45.00
Half Day (up to 5 hours):
Registered Campers $20.00 | Day Visitors $30.00
Life Preserver or Paddle charge for additional people:
$5.00 per person

Kayak Rental Rates

Kayaks include a life preserver and paddle for 1 person.
Full Day (up to 9 hours):
Registered Campers $35.00 | Day Visitors $45.00
Half Day (up to 5 hours):
Registered Campers $20.00 | Day Visitors $30.00

River Shuttle Fees

To put-in at Cresson Bridge (90-minutes downstream):
$30.00 for the first 2 boats; $5.00 for each additional boat – your boats or ours
To put-in in Keene (3-hours downstream):
$40.00 for the first 2 boats; $5.00 for each additional boat – your boats or ours

Bike Rental Rates

Full Day (up to 9 hours):
Registered Campers $30.00 | Day Visitors $40.00
Half Day (up to 5 hours):
Registered Campers $20.00 | Day Visitors $30.00

Reservation Request

While we will do our best to accommodate specific site requests, in general, reservations are made according to site type (W/E, W/E/S), not number. There may be occasions when we may need to shift site assignments to accommodate the needs of all guests.

Payments and Cancellations
For all non-holiday reservations we require a 50% deposit, balance due upon arrival. Holiday weekend reservations require full payment at the time of confirmation. Cancellations made 14 days or more before arrival: full refund minus the $10 administration fee for all reservations. For cancellations made fewer than 14 days before arrival there is no refund of deposit. One night reservations require full payment in advance and are non-refundable.

No-Show, No-Call
If you fail to call in the event of a schedule change or cancellation, we reserve the right to re-sell your site as of 12:00 noon on the second day of your reservation, AND the full cost of the original reservation will be applied.

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and understand that failure to abide by the expectations of the campground
may result in cancellation of stay without refund.
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